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Local Desktop Support


Local Desktop Support

Desktop Support is a very general term for helping others with computer related tasks. Since All Thing Digital now offers local desktop support, we thought it would be a great idea to give a general overview of our procedures for supporting clients. From networking issues, to driver and hardware issues, or even just simple things like setting up an email program or navigating the internet. All Things Digital has begun offering help with all these tasks.

The main component in providing remote desktop support, is a VPN client. Simply stated, this is a program that allows two computers to connect to each other easily and securely via the internet. Our most frequented tool is provided at If the computer that needs service or assistance is not connected to the internet, then we cannot use a remote method at all. This requires an on-site desktop support visit.

Assuming the client has a properly working internet connection, we can begin the support process. It is much simpler than many think.

The first step is for the client to download the show my pc app. They can also run the app via their internet browser, but we prefer the standalone application technique. The app can be downloaded via the following link :

The second step is to find and doubleclick the .exe file they just downloaded. This starts the program. Standalone means it does not install anything on your computer, which is another benefit to using showmypc.

Once opened, the client has to click the button that says “show my pc”. This generates a password for the support technician. Once the client relays this password, both computers are connected via a secure Virtual Network Connection, or VNC. The technician can now operate the clients computer and begin troubleshooting the unit. All while the client watches and observes the local desktop support he is receiving.

Pretty difficult,huh. Use this free tool to help your parents, friends or anyone else who needs a little help on their computer!