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Network Solutions Hacked!

Network Solutions Hacked

Network Solutions Hacked again! All Things Digital has been a proponent for using Network Solutions for years. It seems they are beginning to experience what microsoft and other tech companies experience when you become a big fish in the pond you’re in. When you have a lot of industry clout, this creates a large opportunity for your customers to be exploited via technological hacking, malware and viruses. Please give this giant ample time to crack down on its current security issue. It affects thousands of websites and can be just as frustrating for the provider as it is for the customer. Full statement below:

Network Solutions, a company that provides tools for companies, groups and individuals to operate websites, says a hacking attack caused service disruptions to its customers.

The company says it was the target of a distributed denial-of-service attack in which hackers direct thousands of computers to access its servers all at once. The fake traffic makes it difficult for legitimate visitors to get through. The servers hit contained directory information on customers’ websites, making it difficult for people to find and reach those sites. The company’s own website was among those affected.

The company says the problem was mitigated by Wednesday afternoon and websites should be working normally.

The company, owned by Group Inc., didn’t say how long the attack lasted or offer details about the extent of damages.