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Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers

Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers

All Things Digital built this e-commerce website for the band Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers

Launch Site

All Things Digital – A Long Island Website Design Company developed this brand new e-commerce driven website for the band Twenty Six Lead Soldiers.

NY Paintball Fields, LI NY Paintball

NY Paintball Discussion Forum built by All Things Digital

Launch Site

All Things Digital developed a discussion forum for Long Island NY Paintball Players and enthusiasts. NY Paintball is increasing in popularity. This is a brand new build and we look forward to the NY paintball community to using it as a tool to keep paintball alive and well in NY!


error retrieving information from server s-7 aec 0

About a month ago, I began experiencing issues with my Droid RAZR M. I went to download an app and got an error. The error was:

Error retrieving information from server RPC S-7 AEC-0

Now, at the time, I just ignored it and gave up, thinking it was a one time issue. Oh well, next reboot it will fix itself. Well 4 weeks later, several reboots and 60 forums later I finally figured out MY fix.

Phone Accounts

Under my phones general settings, there is a category called accounts. This where you setup your gmail and other necessary accounts for your phones apps to use and connect with. When I looked in there, I noticed two of my gmail accounts were having “sync” issues. So here are the steps I used to address the syncing issues, which, in turn, fixed my google play issues. I had three total accounts under google, so I assumed I could delete the two bad accounts, and re-connect them. Which I did, which worked perfect! Here are the steps.


      1. if you have only one google account which is causing issues, you will need to add an account. this is temporary, so you can add a friends or relatives gmail account to just fix this temporary issue, or just make a new account. If you have multiple accounts, you can move to step 2.
      2. Once you have two accounts or more on your phone, one good x bad, you can remove the bad syncing account. (probably has a red swirl next to it, or says can not sync.)
      3. Once you have removed the account, remove any other bad syncing accounts. You should be left with only one, properly syncing account (green swirl)
      4. Now, back out of google accounts menu, into your phones main “accounts” area. scroll down till you see “add account”.

    1. Add the bad syncing account back in using the steps your phone asks when you select “add account”
    2. Once you have the account reconnected, it will take time to sync.
    3. Once it syncs properly, you should be able to go back to google play and start happily downloading again!
    4. The message(error retrieving information from server RPC S-7 AEC-0) should not cause you any more frustrations, ever!