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The End of Windows XP Support

windows xp support

I’m a techie sort of guy, so it may surprise you to learn everything I do is done on a 10+ year old cpu. From HD Video editing to Vector Design to Web Design. A very old Dell Optiplex is my workhorse, and it is running Windows XP. Yes, I know how to tweak the operating system for peak performance, and yes I know how to max out my ram. And I will when I need to. Thats the sad part of the slow and painful death of Windows XP. I feel like I am putting down Old Yeller, except there is no growling. There is no sickness. My Optiplex is perfectly fine, and someone else is forcing me to put it down.

My “ancient” CPU and its “ancient” operating system work great. I can do all I need to do fast and efficiently. I still have room to upgrade my ram if I want more speed. I still use the latest and greatest software. But I now have to contemplate upgrading my system for fear of vulnerabilities. Since Windows XP Support ended April 8th, all XP holdouts are now in the digital wild west. Microsoft has eliminated Windows XP throughout its products, downloads, etc. So we are now “on our own”.

Many have said it before me. Microsoft made Windows XP too good. They made a great OS that the world was happy with. Which should be a good thing! But when your product is ageless, you cant receive additional profits on that product. Make a new one! Say its better, and cross your fingers… I dont have a single CPU past Windows XP, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I do support computers that have Vista, Windows 7 and 8. And while the new operating systems are very pretty, they don’t necessarily wow me into upgrading. They have twice the ram of my xp box, better processors and bigger monitors, but they still take a second to open a program. They still have network conflicts and need to be defragmented and optimized.

All this being said, what do we get with these new systems? A hole in the pocket for a prettier looking system. I am very curious to see how this final step in the phase out process goes. Will companies begin offering services to keep those holdouts happy with XP. Will Norton, McAfee and other firewall and anti-virus services begin phasing out XP as well? Or will they try to capitalize on the fear of this Windows XP Apocalypse?

I am upgrading several business networks and have seen some serious growing pains. Latest and greatest has never been a desire for me. I’m more of the tried and true type. I will continue to offer my own windows xp support. And for now, I will keep my pup as is! It is still vibrant and full of life! I am just delaying the inevitable, but I will continue to delay until I see my puppy really is sick and needs to be put to rest!

Gmail SMS Chat


GMail SMS Chat no more…

With disbelief I kept logging in and out. Nope, the send SMS option is still not showing up. I chatted a friend of mine up immediately. “Did you lose SMS capabilities in Gmail?”. He said he didn’t use that feature at all. Myself on the other hand, I use it all day every day!

If your a gmail user, you may have known that you could send text messages to peoples cell phones right from your browser. There are many other services, but I am logged into 3 gmail accounts all day every day so the inherent feature was priceless. Not everyone has a smartphone. And not every message needs to be a saved email.

Unfortunately, the gmail sms chat is no longer. I am left to try alternatives or have another tab open with google voice. You can still send texts with a google service, google voice.  Having a gmail account allows you to have a new phone number. This new phone number can be forwarded to another number, such as your cell or home phone. This can be very useful for those wishing to keep a number private, but utilize it for a public service.

Check out google voice if you miss this feature as much as I do. I do still love google, but I am upset that they hurt my productivity, just a lil bit….