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Fix Smart Actions Droid


Fix Smart Actions Droid

Smart Actions is an app that comes pre-installed on most Motorola devices, especially the Droid Razr. I personally use the smart actions app all the time. I use it to automate certain repetitive tasks associated with my phone. Sometimes the app can stop working properly. I have tried all the typical techniques to fix smart actions, when it stops working properly. the first technique I use to troubleshoot is as follows:

  • Navigate to your phone settings app
  • Under the “device” section, find “apps” and select it
  • Once in this section, you may find the app in the downloaded section, but you will most likely find it in the running apps section when you swipe the screen to the left.
  • Scroll up until you find “SmartActions” and select it.
  • In this screen you may see something that says “1 process and 3 services”. press stop for every service.
  • Now back out of this screen and swipe left again. You should see a list of programs underneath a heading “all”
  • Scroll down till you see SmartActions. There should be three instances. the App itself, the android framework for the app and the proprietary framework.
  • Under the proprietary framework and Android framework, click force stop
  • Now go under SmartActions and select force stop
  • Now scroll down a little and select ‘clear data” – note, this will delete all your current smart actions saved. But they dont work anyway, so not much of a loss
  • Now, restart your phone and create a new smart action. You should be all set….except for making your smartactions again!

If by some rare occurrence this does not work, you can always do a Factory Reset!

WordPress Menu Limit – Can’t save all changes – max_input_vars

wordpress menu item limit

WordPress Menu Limit

This evening I have been working on an extensive build for a client. When I got to 47 menu items in my primary menu, I noticed any pages I added would not save. Even when I added the pages one at a time, or from different computers. This was very frustrating so I began doing my troubleshooting. The order of the menu items didn’t matter, but the number of items did. As soon as I noticed that it was 47 items, I assumed the menu.php page send the entire menu over in one process. It doesn’t add just a page or two, it adds the whole menu each and every time. This led me to believe there was a cap on how much data the page can send or the host can receive. This issue also causes problems for prestashop users as well, so listen up if this applies to you as well!

I began to poke around on the web and found some information about the max_input_vars variable in your web hosts php.ini file. This sets the amount of variables the server will allow you to send it in any process. Mine was set at 1000. I wanted to change this value, increase it.

Now, the current site I am working is on a godaddy account. On bluehost and other hosts you can access you php.ini files and make edits as you need. Godaddy however does not allow this. So you have to make your own php.ini file. Here are the steps to  fix this limit.

  1. Access your webroot via your file manager in godaddy
  2. create a new file and name it php5.ini
  3. copy and paste this single line of code into that file without the quotes “max_input_vars = 300o”
  4. save the changes to the file.
  5. go to Hosting>System Processes
  6. Select “End Web” Button
  7. Now try to save your additional menu items.

This is what worked for me. While this is a little intimidating to do at first as you may not be sure what exactly you are doing, if you delete the file your host should revert to their default php.ini. So the process is reversible and not all that scary!