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google mobilegeddon

Googles Mobilegeddon

It’s real, and it’s just around the corner.  Googles Mobilegeddon. What is Mobilegeddon? It’s a huge Google update that will affect every website out there! While many companies have been successful at keeping their non mobile websites ranking well on Google, this is soon to end. Google will be rolling out an update that takes into account a websites mobile friendliness, and adjusting the websites ranks accordingly.

Do you have a mobile friendly website? If you are on a desktop computer, you can test your website by reducing the size of your web browser. Does your website get cut off? You can also test your site using the following Google utility:

Mobile Friendly Website test

If you get a “Not mobile-friendly” error, grab your phone and call your web designer or a website development company as soon as possible. Your website is going to be losing ground online because it does not give users a good experience on mobile devices. Googles intentions are good in my opinion. “A Better Web Experience for all.” No matter the means of visiting the web, the experience should always be informative and of value. And if your website makes people scroll left or right on their iPhone, tablet or android device, that does not make the website work for them. While most companies should have dealt with this issue years ago, some have not. Well it’s gone from a consideration to a necessity.

Small Business Website Designers and Large Scale Web Development firms should have pushed all their clients to develop mobile responsive websites and mobile friendly websites years ago. If not, it’s panic time! Most websites can have a “mobile version” which does not incorporate the same design and feel of the desktop version of their site, but makes the content mobile friendly. This is ok, but does not convey a professional look and feel. And your company loses its branding and identity via these quick and dirty solutions. What is the best solution for a company whose site is not ready for Googles MobileGeddon? Get a responsive website design asap!

It’s not too late to keep your websites value in the eyes of Google. With over 60% of the search engine market share, pleasing Google is pretty much mandatory for the success of a website. Will your website sink or sail with the MobileGeddon update? We sure hope you don’t sit around waiting to find out!

Googles MobileGeddon

Long Island Website Design Company discusses Googles MobileGeddon