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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2016

How To Tell If A Website Is WordPress Or Not


Sometimes people are unsure whether or not their website is a custom built website or if it is a common used CMS, which stands for Content Management System. One of the most common CMS systems out there is wordpress. Sometimes you may be researching a competitors website, and want to see if you can accomplish the same techniques, design or functionality that their website has so you may want to see if it is a wordpress website build. There are a few ways to do this, and they make pretty light work of finding this out for you.

The easiest method is using a website called All you do is simply enter the website URL and will scan the site for code that tells you whether or not the site is built on WordPress. However, some custom developers like to hide the fact that they are using wordpress, so they will try to trick isitWP or other tools from realizing that it is WordPress. If after using you are still unsure, then you can do what I like to do and I refer to as the “old and dirty” method.

When you are on the website that you are curious about, you can simply:

  • right click on the webpage
  • then select “view page source”
  • A new window opens up with a bunch of code
  • Hit control key and F key on windows, or option and F on a Mac
  • Then do a search for “wp”.

If you see a bunch of results throughout the code, this means the site is a worpress build, you super sleuth ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is typically the most reliable method and is the one I use regularly to confirm a website is built upon WordPress. Doing website research is a pretty typical thing for most marketers nowadays, and determining if a website is WordPress may be a smart idea when you are trying to emulate a competitors website success. I hope this is helpful to you, leave comments below if you need further help.