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Google Mobile First Indexing

Google Mobile First Index

Well, I just got the word. In my inbox I received a notification that one of my affiliate sites has been enabled for mobile first indexing. What does this mean? This means that it is a DAMN GOOD THING I switched to build all my websites as responsive websites several years back, before the trend started(it breaks my heart to see websites developed in the past five years that are not responsive or mobile friendly). So sad.

What Is Google’s Mobile First Index?

Anywho, Google has begun rolling out mobile first indexing and I couldn’t be happier about it. You see, everyone has been talking a good game about being mobile friendly and responsive, but no-one has been talking about Mobile First! It’s been known that web traffic has moved from clunky old desktops to smartphones (if you’re unaware, welcome back from your coma).

Several years ago people discussed how web traffic was going to become more prevalent on mobile devices, and it obviously has. But the thing is, Google was still looking at and indexing the desktop version of websites and that’s obviously pretty silly, don’t you think? I knew it would be a matter of time before they started to index based on the experience of the majority of traffic, it makes perfect sense yet people didn’t prepare for it! So you see, if your website was recently built and it’s not mobile friendly then you may have some issues with your search engine traffic. You may see a decrease in visitors coming from Google now, which always sucks.

How To Prepare For Google’s Mobile First Index

So, what you do now that mobile first indexing is not a discussion and is a reality? Well, first is do a website SEO audit. This means, look at your website as Google will be seeing and indexing it. From a mobile point of you. If you do not have a mobile version or responsive website, then “God help you”. Or I can help you! Get in touch ;). If you do have a mobile version where it is A separate version of your website, then consider developing a new website that is responsive and look great on all mediums, this include desktop tablets and smart phones.

Need Help With Your Website?

By being prepared for the mobile first index, I am very happy and I am not overly concerned about this big change. In fact, I am optimistic that it’s going to help a lot of my websites as I feel like I took the necessary steps years ago to prepare for this. I am confident that this change is for the better in all aspects, businesses, consumers and the internet in general. So do your best to make sure your website is prepared for Google’s mobile first index, and if it isn’t, then get in touch with All Things Digital,Your favorite New York digital marketing agency, and PPC company!

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