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How And Why Google Prefers A Faster Website

How And Why Google Prefers A Faster Website

If you have a website then you know how important it is for you to keep it updated. After all, this is one of the many things you can do to try to do to get a better ranking. But did you know that your site speed can affect your ranking as well? Your site speed certainly comes in as one of the 200 signals Google uses to determine the ranking of your site.The main reason for this is because Google wants users to have the best possible experience when they are browsing on their search engine. If users were continually faced with slow loading websites, then this will lower the authority Google has on the internet,and people would be less likely to use Google.

Google also wants you to have a fast site for mobile users and desktop users because the algorithm crosses over on to both. The main problem that people experience is that they make sure that their desktop site is fast but they don’t put the same effort into their mobile site. This can really impede the traffic you get on a day to day basis. You would be surprised at how much it can affect your sites performance overall. After all, if your site is slow, Google won’t list it as highly and even if people do click on your site, they will probably click off before it all loads up if you don’t have a good site speed.

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