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The Who, What, When, Where and Why…

HTML Email Marketing

One thing I love about digital marketing is the track-ability. You can get as in depth with your analysis as time and resources will allow you. Sometimes I will create certain little campaigns and tests just to watch the power of the tools that are at all of our disposal at all times for very little investment. I tinker. Most of Googles tools are free, easy to implement and when used in conjunction, they are incredibly powerful. But Google is not the only provider of tools with value. And the tools that they are not YET making available are HTML Email Marketing Campaign Tools.

When we used to create web marketing campaigns, we would decide what we were promoting, make a dedicated webpage or pages for the the product, and then we would post that url all over the world, digitally, in print and wherever we could put the www info. Then, we would wait a week and go to our reports and say, 5,000 times that page got hit. A rough idea of traffic was our gauge to our success. We would look at our investment, see what sort of buzz it generated, then hope it translated to the stores. And while that is still in practice, there are so much more sophisticated ways of getting a message out there and seeing what is working and what isn’t. Enter HTML Emails.

HTML emails are so typical nowadays that people don’t seem to understand just how powerful they are. See, an HTML email is an email that downloads images from a server. The benefit to HTML emails are, for starters, they are pretty. Who doesn’t like pretty? But as a marketer, they are pretty and more importantly, powerful. Extremely powerful. See, by downloading the pretty picture in the email (you did click “always show pictures from this sender” right), you just created an action measurable by the senders server. If the sender sent out 100 emails with one image in it, and he sees that image got downloaded 75 times. He can safely assume that email was viewed 75 times. Now, that is pretty interesting right. A 75% read rate. But I know what you’re thinking, what if I read the same email 70 times. While on certain systems, this may cause a statistical problem. But HTML email services take this download tracking a step further.

If I sent out an email to 100 people with an image located at, this can cause the problem of multiple downloads by the same person. And this definitely can skew my reporting. I could make 100 images, and use on in each email and this would give me a little bit more detailed info, right? If I sent out an email to 100 people, and had the main image named //prettypic.jpg, then prettypic2.jpg, then prettypic3.jpg this would give me some accountability. I sent an email to clientxyz an email with the image prettypic65.jpg and I see that image was downloaded. I can assume, the client did read the email. This is similiar to how email marketing services work.

So, when you send that same email out to 100 people, you specify the main image, and the service creates dynamic links that serve the image and track who it was that viewed it. You also now know when they viewed it, as the server knows when the image was downloaded. So how do you take this tracking and utilize it. It should be painfully obvious to any marketer by now.

Manufacturers and suppliers can use these emails to see who of their clientele is interested in what of their products. Here is a great example by The Home Depot. If you clicked the link, you will see a nice newsletter The Home Depot sent out. Now keep in mind, html emails track not only images, but also links dynamically. So in the email you see a bunch of offers very nicely mixed in with helpful hints. Lets say you decide to click on the build a fence video. You’re not interested in the “sales” they are offering, but you are curious the steps it takes to build a fence. Well, by making that click, The Home Depot now sees you as a potential opportunity to sell outdoor upgrade products. Decking, Fencing, general outdoor diy materials. So guess what their next email to you may be tailored towards….”Hey Jim, Check out these great deals on fence supplies, decking supplies, hammers, screws, nails, etc. We can help you get that summer project done, today”.

Now, The Home Depot has a huge selection of merchandise. I subscribe to their emails just to see how finite their marketing department is. You see, I will click on something just to see how well they follow up on me. I am a working on a bathroom remodel, so when I started the project I received an email about a vanity that was on sale. I clicked on the link, took a look at their stock, and went about my day. No purchase made. But I gave them a tidbit of info, I am interested in bathroom vanities. Who, you might ask, would be interested in new bath vanities? Why, someone working on a new bathroom reno, right? And yes, the following email was a much more bathroom-centric email. I went from a general customer, to a bath remodel customer with one click. Now for the past year, all I receive are bathroom emails from the home depot. Not because I haven’t started any other projects, only because I haven’t clicked on any other emails.

HTML emails are extremely effective if you use them properly. They tell you who (J.R.), clicked on what (bathroom vanity), when(June 6th, 2012 @ 7:58pm), where (8pm, he was probably home and definitely reading his personal email) and the why (he is probably renovating a bathroom). This can obviously be translated overt to a service provider to specify who is interested in what service they provide. How about using this technology to find out demographic information, gender, age, even cross marketing ideas. If you have a parent or sister company, slip in a link to a product somehow related and if they clicked, they may be a candidate for that companies newsletter also!

I love tinkering with All Things Digital, and HTML Email campaigns are one of them. Now, if you implement a marketing campaign with dedicated and analytically tracked social and web presence, search engine advertising and then put out a trackable email and follow up on your results. That is not only marketing, but effective marketing! Or, I guess you can just sit on your email list you’ve collected and not give these people any of the carrots they signed up to have dangled in front of them…

Network Solutions Hacked!

Network Solutions Hacked

Network Solutions Hacked again! All Things Digital has been a proponent for using Network Solutions for years. It seems they are beginning to experience what microsoft and other tech companies experience when you become a big fish in the pond you’re in. When you have a lot of industry clout, this creates a large opportunity for your customers to be exploited via technological hacking, malware and viruses. Please give this giant ample time to crack down on its current security issue. It affects thousands of websites and can be just as frustrating for the provider as it is for the customer. Full statement below:

Network Solutions, a company that provides tools for companies, groups and individuals to operate websites, says a hacking attack caused service disruptions to its customers.

The company says it was the target of a distributed denial-of-service attack in which hackers direct thousands of computers to access its servers all at once. The fake traffic makes it difficult for legitimate visitors to get through. The servers hit contained directory information on customers’ websites, making it difficult for people to find and reach those sites. The company’s own website was among those affected.

The company says the problem was mitigated by Wednesday afternoon and websites should be working normally.

The company, owned by Group Inc., didn’t say how long the attack lasted or offer details about the extent of damages.

Long Island Digital Marketing


Long Island Digital Marketing

All Things Digital likes to use the term Digital Marketing often. And being in the Long Island Digital Marketing community, we would like to take the opportunity to discuss what the term Digital Marketing means to us.

Marketing in general is the act of promoting a good or service with the intention of increasing market share and visibility. Marketing processes typically include identifying the many factors involved with a good or service, and the means of getting it to its desired consumer.  Therefore, Long Island Digital Marketing is the same acts but conducted in a digital environment. Now, non-digital marketing and Digital Marketing are not mutually exclusive.  They do tend to leverage each other for various effect throughout the overall marketing cycle. But Digital marketing takes place on digital devices, such as computers or tablets or smartphones.

The most primary form of Digital Marketing is a website. Websites are a digital source of information and promotion.


Long Island Digital Marketing

With Website Design being incredibly affordable nowadays, there are very few companies left that don’t have a website. A brand new company can even have an online destination in the form of a Facebook page in as little as five minutes.  Some smaller companies even use these free websites as their primary online repository. Websites alone are not the only form of Long Island Digital Marketing.

Another form of Digital marketing includes Search Engine Optimization. This is the act of identifying keywords that are favorable to have on your website to increase traffic and sales. SEO also includes identifying other websites that have favorable content in your good or services field, and acquiring some references from their website to yours. This is what we like to call “Googles Street Cred”. If a bunch of highly ranked websites in your field link back to your site in some way, this gives you a bit of credibility based on their credibility. This is another SEO strategy, and a form of Long island Digital Marketing.

Pay-Per-Click, or otherwise known as PPC is a paid form of online advertising that occurs in the Digital Marketing process. Whether you advertise on Google, Yahoo, Bing or even social network sites such as Facebook or yelp, PPC is the digital equivalent of a newspaper or magazine ad. While we tend to stick to the digital side of things, hence our name, we have been known to utilize magazine or newspaper ads to drive traffic to our online experience. This is why Long Island Digital Marketing and traditional marketing go hand in hand.

We are sometimes asked by new prospective clients the question, “Why do I need to go digital”. And our answer typically satisfies our clients. “You need to go digital, because your customers have”. Technology is becoming so affordable and therefore, accessible.  Consumer utilize their computers, smartphones and tablets to analyze every choice they make. From which toothbrush is the best, to which neighborhood to buy their home. And what better way to do your research than in your bed while watching tv, or in your car, or wherever you are. the internet is the worlds most readily available salesperson. Always on, and full of information, not only from the manufacturer or service provider, but also information from other consumers.

And this is why, ensuring visibility and reputation of your good or service online is so important. Everyday while you are working to perfect your product or service, someone else is perfecting their online presence as well as their product or service. They will be found before you are. And if billions of people are searching for what you have to offer, they may never find you or your product. Or they may find negative information because you are not feeding the internet the positives. And how do you regulate and keep an eye on how your product or service looks on the web? Digital Marketing!


Choosing a Local Web Designer

Googles MobileGeddon

Choosing a Local Web Designer

Choosing a local web designer can save you from a lot of frustration. Website development can become very complex. If you’re not too technically savvy, video chats, skype and other virtual meeting options can be a hassle. If your intentions are to work with a local web designer so you can meet face to face and discuss your website, or internet marketing. Choose All Things Digital! We specialize in affordable websites for small business. We don’t charge maintenance fees nor do we surprise you with hidden costs. Local, honest and available. Thats us!



Local Desktop Support


Local Desktop Support

Desktop Support is a very general term for helping others with computer related tasks. Since All Thing Digital now offers local desktop support, we thought it would be a great idea to give a general overview of our procedures for supporting clients. From networking issues, to driver and hardware issues, or even just simple things like setting up an email program or navigating the internet. All Things Digital has begun offering help with all these tasks.

The main component in providing remote desktop support, is a VPN client. Simply stated, this is a program that allows two computers to connect to each other easily and securely via the internet. Our most frequented tool is provided at If the computer that needs service or assistance is not connected to the internet, then we cannot use a remote method at all. This requires an on-site desktop support visit.

Assuming the client has a properly working internet connection, we can begin the support process. It is much simpler than many think.

The first step is for the client to download the show my pc app. They can also run the app via their internet browser, but we prefer the standalone application technique. The app can be downloaded via the following link :

The second step is to find and doubleclick the .exe file they just downloaded. This starts the program. Standalone means it does not install anything on your computer, which is another benefit to using showmypc.

Once opened, the client has to click the button that says “show my pc”. This generates a password for the support technician. Once the client relays this password, both computers are connected via a secure Virtual Network Connection, or VNC. The technician can now operate the clients computer and begin troubleshooting the unit. All while the client watches and observes the local desktop support he is receiving.

Pretty difficult,huh. Use this free tool to help your parents, friends or anyone else who needs a little help on their computer!

Long Island Web Design

Long Island Web Consulting

Long Island Web Design

If you are in search of Long Island Web Design Companies, please consider All Things Digital. For over 15 years we have been designing websites for businesses in Suffolk and Nassau County. We also offer desktop support, computer  networking and repairs. If you are looking to increase online presence, we can help you there as well. We offer Google Ad-Words support as well as website traffic reports via Google Analytics. Most companies experience significant improvements of their search engine visibility within their first month of working with us. We can also manage or setup your social media accounts if you haven’t done so already.

Please visit our Long island Web Design Portfolio to see recent sites developed.

Long Island Web Design

Long Island Web Design Long Island Web Design